It is easy to sign up for our Florida traffic school online at Comedy Defensive Driving. With our online course, there is no sitting in class with a boring instructor. Instead, when you take our Florida defensive driving course, you will enjoy yourself every minute of the class. We have had some of the funniest professional comedic talent write our course, and they definitely know how to make a defensive driving course fun to take. Of course, our class is state approved and qualifies as a four hour BDI/TCAC traffic school. Here is some information about it:

• There is no reading involved

• It is a 100% video course

• Watch the video at your convenience

• Stop, if you need to, and resume watching where you left off

• When you have completed the course, we will send your certificate to the DMV electronically

• We offer a money-back guarantee

Our Florida traffic school online satisfies Court/DMV ordered classes and reduces the points on your license. You can also lower your auto insurance rates by up to 10% and laugh while you are doing it. We charge only $25.00 for our course, which is the lowest price allowed by law. This includes everything, with no hidden costs.

Our Florida Traffic School Online Is the Easy Way to Complete Your Required Class

At Comedy Defensive Driving, we have been providing a fast way to complete Florida traffic school online for many years. We have been in business since 1989, and in that time, more than 2,500,000 million students have completed our course. The Florida Education Agency and all courts in Florida accept our course for reducing points on your driver’s license.