If you live in the State of Texas, and you need to take a defensive driving in Texas course, Comedy Defensive Driving is the place to go. We offer you the option of taking either an online course, or a classroom course. Our classroom courses are presented throughout the state, so there is one not far from your home. Many people enjoy attending a live class, because they can meet new people, enjoy a meal and an evening out, and have fun at the same time. Our Texas defensive driving online course is another option that you may want to choose, especially if you do not have the time to sit through the course during the evening. The advantage of taking our online course is that you complete it when it is convenient for you. It is all video, so you have the option to stop it if you need to leave for work or go somewhere. You can resume where you left off the next time you work on the course. Here are some details about our online version:

• No reading or writing involved

• Created by top comedic talent, and it is funny

• Approved by the Texas Education Agency

• State approved by all courts in Texas

• Takes only 5 hours of course time, plus 1 hour of break time, to complete the course

• Lower your auto insurance rates by up to 10%, too

Dismiss Your Traffic Ticket with Defensive Driving in Texas at Comedy Defensive Driving

You will have a lot of fun when you take defensive driving in Texas. Best of all, you can dismiss your traffic ticket while watching a funny video. We issue certificates each day, so the faster you complete the video, the sooner you will receive your certificate. You can choose expedited shipping for an extra charge, or we mail it to you via regular US mail for free. Some of our students need to get their certificates as fast as possible, and that is why we offer expedited shipping by FedEx. We offer choices of Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, 2nd Day Air, Express Saver, or you can have your certificate delivered by Courier.

After you receive your certificate, you will take it to the court that issued your traffic citation. The court has given you a deadline to turn in all paperwork, including your certificate guaranteeing that you have successfully completed a defensive driving course. There may be other documents or affidavits that are also required to be turned in by the due date. You can check with your court if you are not sure of what is needed.

You also need to order a copy of your Texas driving record before registering to take our course. This because you must be approved for defensive driving by the court that issued your traffic situation. The court wants to see how many traffic citations you have previously had dismissed by taking TX defensive driving, and each judge has a policy on this. You can order your Texas driving record online by logging onto the State of Texas website and following links to “order driving record.” After paying $12.00 by credit card, you will receive your driving record in a few days. Many courts in Texas require you to turn in your driving record after completing our course, along with your Defensive Driving Completion Certificate.