Stop fretting over your requirement to attend Florida Traffic School, because it is far easier than you may think. When you take our defensive driving online course, you will meet your requirement to complete a Court/DMV-ordered class. You will also reduce the points on your driver’s license, which is the best news of all. We never require that our students read thick, dull, boring textbooks or memorize traffic laws. Instead, you will have a great time as you take our defensive driving online course. You can register for our course online and begin your course immediately. There is no reading, no writing, and no arithmetic. What you do need are a few computer basics that you probably already have. Here are the requirements for our Florida online course:

• DSL or Broadband
• Internet Browser
• Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or greater
• Peripheral devices, including a mouse and keyboard
• Speakers or headphones
• Mac, Windows, or Linux Operating System

Our online course has lots of advantages, such as the fact that it was written by top comedic talent, so it is very funny. More than 2.5 million students across the United States have already taken our course, and they agree that our Comedy Defensive Driving course is hilarious. Another great thing about our course is that you are in control of when you complete your course. Since it is a video that you watch on your computer, you can watch all 4 hours at the same time, or divide it into hour segments. Actually, you can complete it in any way that is convenient for you. If you are watching and a friend calls, or you need to leave, just pause the video. When you log back on, begin where you left off. It is that easy to do.

Florida Traffic School Is Simple to Complete

Our Florida Traffic School is an Online Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course that you must attend if you have received certain kinds of traffic citations. Our course is Florida State approved, and it will be accepted by the court that processed your traffic ticket as a BDI course. When you have finished watching the video, we will electronically submit your certificate to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. Another advantage of our online course is that your auto insurance rates may be reduced by as much as 10%. The entire cost of your course is only $8.00. You will also need to pay $7.00 for required state and processing fees, and $10.00 certificate fee with email delivery, for a total of only $25.00. You will also receive a free all-video course with no reading. Free audio is included in the price, and free testing is also included in the price. There are no hidden fees at Comedy Defensive Driving.

In the State of Florida, you must attend Florida Traffic School, or a Traffic Collision Avoidance Course, if you want to keep your driver’s license, if you were a driver in a crash and are found at fault and someone was taken to the hospital. The state also requires that you take a course if you have had two crashes in a two-year period that resulted in property damage that amounted to more than $500.00. Other traffic offenses that require you to take a course are highway racing, reckless driving, or running a red light.