If you have a driver’s license and you live in the State of Texas, you also have a Texas driving record. This document lists any traffic citations that you have received over the years. It also shows if you have taken a defensive driving course in Texas to dismiss any traffic tickets. The citation does not count against you when you complete your Comedy Defensive Driving course. As you probably know, getting a traffic ticket usually raises your auto insurance premiums, but our course qualifies you for a reduction in your rate by up to 10%. It may be hard to believe, but taking our easy online course means that your latest traffic offense will be erased from your record. Here are some facts about our online course:

• Approved by all courts in Texas
• Course is only 5 hours long plus 1 hour of mandatory break time
• Start and stop whenever you want to because it is in the form of a video that you watch from your computer
• Top comedic talent teaches your course and will definitely make you laugh
• Price is only $25 for the entire course – lowest price allowed by law

Imagine sitting back in the comfort of your home watching a funny video to get your traffic ticket dismissed. It sounds too good to be true, but more than 2.5 million students across the country have done just that since 1989 when we began our business.

How to Get Your Texas Driving Record the Easy Way

If you were not given a copy of your Texas driving record by the court that processed your traffic ticket, you can easily order a copy of this record online. Log onto the State of Texas website and follow the links to order your driving record. Some courts in the state require you to submit this document, along with the certificate that we provide after you have completed our online Texas defensive driving course.