At Comedy Defensive Driving, we have an easy way to complete required attendance at a 4- Hour BDI/TCAC Traffic School in Florida. You can fulfill this requirement while you are having a blast, watching a video that was written by top comedic talent. Our Florida online traffic school is the most entertaining way to take your Florida defensive driving course. It is Florida State-approved for avoiding or reducing points on your license. You can also lower your auto insurance rate by up to 10% when you take our course. After you are finished, we will electronically submit your certificate to the Florida DMV. Here are some additional reasons why it makes a lot to sense to take our online FL traffic school:

• Watch our video at your convenience – There is no need to take off of work or hire a babysitter so you can sit in a classroom to take your class.
• You can stop the video any time that you want to get a drink or take a break. Just resume watching where you left off.
• There is no reading, writing, or arithmetic – simply laugh and have a good time as you enjoy watching your video.
• Take our course anywhere that has an internet connection.
• There is no reading, writing, or arithmetic to complete in this course.
• Our students tell us that our online traffic school was simple and easy to complete.
• Over 2,500,000 students across the country have taken our Comedy Defensive Driving course since 1989.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has approved our course for ticket dismissal, point reduction, and insurance reduction. They know that you will be learning more about driving defensively as you laugh and have fun. In fact, you will remember driving rules and facts when they are presented in the hilarious way that our comedians have written our course.

More Information about Florida Online Traffic School

When you take our Florida online traffic school course, you will pay only $25.00. You will be getting the lowest price that is allowed by law. This small fee is not much when you consider how much money you will spend on higher auto insurance rates if you do not comply with your requirement to attend traffic school. The $25.00 includes the course price, to avoid points on your license or for ticket dismissal; state and processing fees; and email delivery of your certificate so that you get credit for completing our course.

All courts in Florida accept our Comedy Defensive Driving course, but you should be sure that you qualify to take a defensive driving course. If you have not taken our course within a year, you are probably eligible to take it again. We recommend that you check with the court that issued your traffic citation if you are not sure that you are eligible to take a class so that you can have the points on your license removed, or to reduce your auto insurance.

It is easy to register online and pay your $25.00, and then you can immediately begin watching your video. We know that you will have fun and laugh throughout our video, just as millions of other students have done.