People who have received traffic citations for speeding, running red lights, and for many other reasons, have successfully completed our online defensive driving in Texas course. After that, their traffic ticket was dismissed by the state. You can also do this when you take our online course at Comedy Defensive Driving. Besides dismissing your traffic ticket, you can also lower your auto insurance rates by up to 10%. There are many other benefits to taking our course, including these:

• All courts in Texas accept our course for dismissing your traffic ticket, or for qualifying for up to 10% lower auto insurance rates
• It takes only 5 hours, plus one hour of break time to complete our course
• TX defensive driving does not involve any reading, writing, or arithmetic
• Simply watch a video that is hilarious because it was written by top comedic talent
• Take our course from home in your pajamas, if you like. It will work anywhere that has an internet connection
• We issue certificates daily and will mail it to you by the US Postal Service for free. We also have expedited shipping options by FedEx

You are in charge of when you finish your defensive driving course in Texas, because you can stop watching the video any time that you need to. Just resume watching where you left off. Our course is easy and simple to complete, with no reading, writing, or arithmetic. Since 1989, over 2,500,000 students across the country have completed our course. Almost all of them say that they laughed at the funny content in the video, all through the course. We know that you will enjoy it, just as they did.

What You Need to Know for Online Defensive Driving in Texas

You can register for our course online, right here at You will need to have computer basics like DSL or Broadband, a keyboard and mouse, speakers or earphones, and a Windows, Mac, or Linux-based system, and you probably have these already. After you register, you will be given a login password that you will use each time that you want to watch the video. It’s simple and easy, and that’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you were given papers by the court that processed your traffic citation, you will see on the paperwork whether or not you qualify to take a defensive driving course. We want to make sure that the State of Texas will allow you to take our course, and they usually will, if you have not taken it in about a year. Your Texas driving record will show the court how many traffic tickets you have already had dismissed by taking defensive driving courses. The court often obtains your driving record for you, but, if not, you can get it online at the State of Texas website. Proceed to “Driving Record” and follow the steps to order your document. It is important to order version 3A — the certified copy — since many courts require that you have this type of document.

After you finish taking our hilarious defensive driving course, you will need to forward the certificate that we send to you to the court. You should have been given a date when it is due at the time of your hearing, or it may be listed in the paperwork from the court. Some courts also require that you forward the copy of your driving record to them, so they can mark that you have dismissed your traffic ticket.