Anticipating the actions of others, wow! I have to say when this one came down the pipe my first thought was all the ex-girlfriends and the bad relationships I have had. Could I tie this in with driving, sure…I mean driving and bad relationship go hand in hand. Think about it, you have a relationship with other drivers all the time. One time I came to a stop at a 4 way stop sign, just then another woman arrives at the intersection after me. Our eyes locked and for a brief moment in time my life intersected with another stranger. A song from Coldplay came on the radio…all of a sudden she jumps out in front of me!! Did I anticipate that aggressive maneuver? No, I thought we were going to have a civilized, brief but systematic driver relationship.

Anticipatory driving is something every driver must learn to master. Now when it comes to driving you should always anticipate the worst. When it comes to relationships, anticipating the worst, well that’s a judgment call. What tha hell is up with women doing background and credit checks after the first couple of dates before they go any further with the relationship???!!! Seems like you can’t trust anyone now days, especially with all the crazy drivers we have on the roads! Can you trust that the guy in front of you that is swerving isn’t drunk or distracted?

If we all practice forecasting the other driver’s actions many wrecks can be avoided. I hope you got something out of this week’s blog. I think my blogs might be part driving tips, part relationship advice. I’m not qualified to give any advice, but God knows I’ve been in plenty of bad relationships to give some suggestions. Until next week…

Take care and be safe-
Danny Keaton