Have Excessive Speeding Tickets?

One of the more common reasons for attending defensive driving school is because you have been ordered to complete the course by your local traffic court. For instance, you may be a speeder and have a lead foot. As a result, you got numerous speeding tickets in a short period of time. Because of the number of points on your license, you are faced with losing your driving privileges or completing the course.

On the other hand, you may have been at fault for an accident where you sent someone to the hospital because you were texting while you were driving. Regardless of the reason you find yourself in this situation, do not despair. You might have heard horror stories about how boring defensive driving school is and how the lecturers talk on end for hours in monotone voices that put you to sleep. Fortunately, there are other options besides traditional based learning, like our courses, here at Comedy Defensive Driving.

Be Entertained while Attending Defensive Driving School

Each of our defensive driving school classes is accepted as satisfying the court requirements for traffic school in the states of Texas and Florida. Our approach for learning about defensive driving is to use state certified instructors who are comedians. Because they take a humorous approach to learning, it makes it easier for them to get the entire class engaged in learning, while being entertained. And outbursts of laughter are fully acceptable in our classrooms.

We want you to walk away from the course feeling good, but also to remember what you were taught. Since you are entertained, it is easier for you to remember a joke about defensive driving and what to do, much better than if it were read word by word out of a book. Currently, we offer both online and classroom courses in Texas, and online classes in Florida.

Our classroom-based experience is only six hours long and includes a one hour break. If you do not have this much time to spend in one sitting, then it is recommended you take our online course. With our online course you are able to start and stop it as often as you require until you fully complete it. In addition, each of our online courses does not have a final exam. Instead, you are tested in sections, as they are completed, to earn your certification.