There are all sorts of distractions which could result in you having an accident and being ordered by the court to take a Texas defensive driving course. Learning what your potential distractions are and how to avoid them can help prevent you from causing an accident. Some of the more common distractions are:

• Drinking or eating while driving.
• Texting on your smartphone.
• Talking on a cell phone, even if it is hands-free.
• Adjusting radio and music player controls or climate controls.
• Reading maps and directions, or programming a GPS.
• Putting on makeup, shaving, or other grooming.
• Getting caught up in conversations with passengers.

Each of these distractions takes your focus of the road, your surroundings, the traffic around you, and where you are driving. The most appropriate way to deal with any of these distractions is to simply pull over in a parking lot, rest area, or other location, and stop the vehicle. Not only will this help you prevent causing an accident, but it also makes you a safer driver.

Even if you are a careful and cautious driver, it does not mean that everyone else is going to be. Some people drive offensively all the time and can experience road rage when another offensive driver makes them mad. One way to combat offensive drivers is by completing a Texas defensive driving course. Completing this course helps you learn a wide range of defensive skills, which lowers your chances of being involved in an accident.

Take a Texas Defensive Driving Course Online or in a Classroom to Become a Better Driver

Depending upon your schedule, you can complete a Texas defensive driving course either online or in a traditional classroom setting. Both course options, here at Comedy Defensive Driving, incorporate our unique method of using comedians to teach the courses. Each of our comedians is also certified in the state of Texas as defensive driving course instructors. By creating an exciting, engaging, and fun learning environment, our students are able to successfully pass their class, as well as retain the information.

You can sign up for our class by visiting our website today. You are invited to take it voluntarily when you want to improve your driving habits to help prevent traffic violations and accidents.