If you receive a ticket because you were speeding in Florida, you could avoid having the points placed on your license by completing our Florida online traffic school. It does not matter whether you have a Florida driver’s license or were visiting Florida when you received your ticket. Florida frequently reports traffic violations to other states, so even though you are not a resident, the points might end up on your license in your home state.

While a few points do not impact your driving privileges, it does have an effect on your insurance rates. Many insurance companies pull driving records on a regular basis every time your policy is up for renewal. If they notice you received speeding tickets or other traffic violations, your rates could increase because you are no longer considered a safe driver. Completing a Florida online traffic school course prevents the moving violation from showing up on your permanent driving record.
How Long Does It Take to Complete Florida Online Traffic School?

Our Florida online traffic school course is a 4 hour basic driver improvement (BDI) course which also satisfies Florida’s requirements for a traffic collision avoidance course (TCAC). Because the course is entirely online, you can complete it on your own schedule. You do not have to finish the entire course in one sitting, and are able to log in and access the course whenever you have time in your busy daily schedule. For instance, you could work on the course for one hour in the evening after you put your children to bed, so you do not have any distractions while working on the course materials.

With our online traffic school course, there is no final examination. Instead, each section of the course has its own test for you to complete after reviewing the materials. The information is presented by certified instructors who also are comedians. Not only do you learn better defensive driving habits, but you are entertained at the same time. Using this learning method often results in students better remembering the materials because they can relate topics to specific jokes within each section.
Florida Online Traffic School