When you register for defensive driving in Austin at Comedy Defensive Driving, you can be sure that you will be in for an exciting time. You will be taking your class at one of our locations, such as in the City of Austin, or you may want to attend a class in another area of Texas. We have classes all over the state for those who want to dismiss their traffic tickets and have fun while doing it.

It is amazing and very true that you can attend our class, enjoy a meal with new friends, and feel like you are at your local comedy club. That’s because we have top professional comedians teach our classes. They entertain people for a living, so they know how to make defensive driving classes as lively and exciting as they can possibly be. Taking our class is a good way to get it over in one day. After you finish your course, we will mail your certificate to you so that you can forward it to the Clerk of Courts in the county that handled your traffic citation and get it there by the due date.

Another advantage of taking our course is that you can qualify for an auto insurance discount of up to 10%. This can add up to hundreds of dollars over the years, and it would be worthwhile to take our course just for this reason alone. The fact is that some of our students do take our course for the big break that they will get on their insurance rates. You can talk to your insurance company to get the details on how the discount will work for you.

Defensive Driving in Austin Is the Way to Dismiss that Nasty Traffic Ticket

Millions of students have taken and successfully passed our course since we began our company in 1989. In fact, 3,000,000 students have chosen Comedy Defensive Driving for their defensive driving course. We were the very first school to offer a fun and entertaining approach to defensive driving. We knew that there had to be a better way than listening to dull, boring lectures about the driving laws in the State of Texas, so we opened our business so that you can have fun as you learn. Today, we have many locations, including defensive driving in Austin. Here are a few more details that you will want to know before you sign up:

• Class is only 5 hours plus 1 hour of break time
• Expedited shipping of your certificate if you like
• Regular shipping for free
• State approved by all courts in Texas
• Low prices start at only $25.00

When the day arrives for your class, be sure to bring along a state issued ID. This could be your driver’s license, passport or birth certificate. You will also need to bring a copy of your traffic ticket or any paperwork that you were given by the court. This will save you the trouble of an unnecessary delay in the delivery of your certificate. Be sure to be on time, because the state does not allow students who are late to enter the classroom. If you have not yet paid for your class online, you will need to bring the right amount of cash with you to pay for your class. We suggest that you arrive 15 minutes before your class is scheduled to start to be sure that you are on time. When you take your defensive driving course in Texas, you may also want to bring along meal money. We will have a menu of available items for purchase that you may want to buy. Some of our locations provide the meal that is included in the cost of your course. You will know this when you register, so there will not be a big surprise in this area.