Our Florida Traffic School online at Comedy Defensive Driving is the most logical and easy way to avoid getting points on your driver’s license if you have been required to attend Florida traffic school. Comedy Defensive Driving is the #1 comedy course online. More than 3,000,000 students have successfully completed our course. In the State of Florida, you pay only $8.00 for the course for ticket dismissal and point avoidance. There is also a $7.00 required state and processing fee, plus a $10.00 certificate fee with email delivery. We never charge for testing or audio, because they are included in the price of your course. You can also be sure that we never surprise you with any additional charges.

Our course is approved by every court in the State of Florida, and it counts as a Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI) and the Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAS), as well as insurance reduction. You can also take it voluntarily if you want to brush up on your driving skills. Here is some additional information about our FL traffic school:

• Consists of a very funny defensive driving video
• Takes 4 hours to complete
• Watch on your schedule
• Stop when necessary and continue where you left off
• Register here and start in 5 minutes or less
• Certificate is electronically submitted to the DMV for you

Our Florida defensive driving course is never dull or boring. If you have received a speeding ticket or moving violation and were ordered to take a 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI), then this is the course for you.


Florida Traffic School Online That Is Fun to Take

If you are required to take a Florida traffic school online course or to attend Florida traffic school, our course is the easiest way to complete this requirement. To get started, you will need DSL or a Broadband and Internet browser, an Adobe Flash Player of 8.0 or greater, plus a mouse and keyboard, speakers or headphones, and an operating system like Mac, Windows, or Linux is required. You probably have these already, but, if not, you can easily get them in time to complete your course.

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles allows you to take a BDI course if you want to keep your driver’s license if you were a driver in a crash and were found at fault, and someone was taken to the hospital. Also, if you have had two crashes in a two-year period that resulted in property damage of more than $500, then you are also required to take a BDI course. Other offenses include passing a stopped school bus, highway racing, reckless driving, or running a red light.

You are not qualified to do this if you have a commercial driver’s license. Most large insurance companies offer you a 10% discount in your auto insurance rates when you take our online course, which is another reason why it is the best option if you have a traffic citation in Florida.

If you want to take our course, you must inform the Clerk of Courts in the county where you received the citation that you want to go to traffic school. You will also need to pay an election fee to the Clerk of Courts in this county where you received your ticket. You can see the details of the options you have to satisfy your traffic citation on the back of the citation. You must choose one of the three options within 30 days of receiving the ticket. Your other options are to pay a civil penalty, or you can be adjudicated guilty by a judge. If this happens, you will have points added to your driver’s license. Moving violations are usually 3 points, and more points can be added, depending on how fast you were traveling.