In-car distractions while driving like your cell phone, radio, newspaper, maps, a nagging spouse, women putting on makeup and guys shaving…come to think of it, I’ve seen women shaving too! Some things you just got to keep at home ladies! All these distractions and driving on our roads are a deadly combination. Oh, when I mentioned guys shaving, I meant the electric razor, not the Bic razor. Don’t hit any potholes!


According to an article in the Washington Post, nearly eight out of 10 accidents in a particular study were caused in part, by in-car distractions. Have you ever driven behind somebody who had a DVD player and wondered what movie you were now watching? “Is that Toy Story two or three?”


What’s the solution to all this, tougher laws? Some say we should educate our kids early on so maybe the next generation of drivers won’t be like us. That would be hard to do, especially if they see mom or dad talking or using a cell phone while driving. Remember that old commercial when the dad found the marijuana in his son’s room and said “Where did you learn this!!”  And the son replied, “I LEARNED IT FROM YOU!” 


Unfortunately, studies show that the only way you will stop your bad habits of driving while distracted is when you get into an accident and you have altered a life.  I hope they are wrong!  I hope you will change your ways and maybe I should start with me…


Next time we meet I have a surprise for you!  We will start our video blog!!!!!!  OK, it’s not a surprise anymore, but I couldn’t wait to tell you.


Take care-

Danny Keaton