You’re driving down the freeway, ten maybe fifteen over the speed limit, you top a hill and there he is, Smokey! You look down at the speedometer and then your rear-view mirror. You see him hit his lights and you say out loud, “OH SHOOT! DARN IT!!”

Quick, think of a good excuse! “My Aunt Sally is in the hospital, I have a weak bladder…I have to go to the restroom! My dog ate my homework!!” You size up the cop in your rear-view mirror. “Why is he just sitting there? Is he calling for back up? Am I going to jail?!”

Relax, stay calm. If you were just speeding, you didn’t do the crime of the century. Here’s what to do if you get pulled over:

1. Don’t go reaching for anything in the glove box, purse or wallet.
2. At night turn the interior dome light on.
3. Roll down your window and keep both hands on the steering wheel.
4. If you are in a rural area or an isolated part of town, hit your blinkers and call 911 and give your location, that way they can let that cop know you are going to the nearest gas station.
5. Never pull over immediately for an “un-marked” police car. Call 911 before doing anything.

Try this next time you get pulled over and the way some of you drive, I’m sure it won’t be long. Take care and next week we will discuss in-car distractions.

Be Safe-
Danny Keaton