So I’m leaving Tucson this morning still stoked (for a lack of a better word) about the four great shows this past weekend.  But you know what they say, “What goes up, must come down!”  I’m 11 miles east of Wilcox, AZ when all a sudden my tire goes flat.  I know, it could have been worse, like my car could have caught on fire or even worse than that, my IPod could have lost all power!

 Luckily all went well.  I got the tire replaced and now I’m sitting in a hotel in Carlsbad, New Mexico watching ESPN.  What’s my point, you ask?  Well I’ll answer your question with a question, do you have roadside assistant incase something does go wrong out there on the road?  I mean I was lucky; it was just a flat tire.  What would I’ve done if the engine went out and I was 150 miles from the nearest town in the desert?  Smoke signals?  Hang out some leg hoping someone would stop?  Or even worse what if they did stop?  Can you say, “the movie Deliverance?”

Have a plan B and C.  Make sure you have some sort of roadside service.  Check with your cell phone provider or auto insurance.  Usually they offer roadside help for a just few bucks a month.  Remember, roadside assistance, don’t leave home without it!

Until next week take care and we are still working on the video blog, I can’t wait!

Be Safe-

Danny Keaton