Students have been turning to us at Comedy Defensive Driving since 1989, and over 2.5 million of them have taken and passed our course. If you live in Texas, you can take defensive driving as a classroom or online course. Many students prefer the freedom of completing an online course that fits into their schedule. They can simply watch our video course at a time that is convenient for them, and they are completely in control of when they finish it. If you register for our Texas defensive driving course online, you can begin right away. The entire course takes 5 hours to complete, plus 1 hour of break time. You can watch the video all at once, or split it into segments if you prefer. If you want to stop at any time, that’s okay. You will automatically be taken to the place where you left off because the video keeps track of your progress for you. Before you know it, you will be finished, and you will have dismissed your traffic ticket while you were laughing and having a blast. All material in our course was written by top comedic talent who entertain people professionally.

Our online Texas defensive driving course is simple and easy to complete because there is no reading. You do not need to go through boring driving manuals that lecture you on driving safety. Instead, students learn about defensive driving through humor. Teachers know that students remember things that are related to funny incidents or stories, so the Texas Education Agency approves our course. It is also approved by all courts in Texas. Another bonus is that you will qualify for a reduction of up to 10% on your auto insurance. This amount can add up to be more than you may realize. For example, if you pay $1,000 annually for auto insurance and you get a 10% discount, this would add up to $300 in a 3-year period. That, alone, is a great reason to take our course.

Take Our Texas Defensive Driving Course Online from Any Internet Connection

You only need a few computer basics to begin taking our Texas defensive driving course online, and you probably have these already. Here is what you need:
• DSL or Broadband
• Internet Browser
• Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or greater
• Mouse and Keyboard
• Speakers or Headphones
• Windows, Mac or Linux Operating System

Texas defensive driving classes are the easiest way to dismiss your traffic ticket and to also get a reduction in your insurance premium. We know that you will want to receive your certificate as soon as you finish your course, so we issue these every day. Normal delivery is by the USPS, but you can opt to have expedited delivery by FedEx for an additional charge if you want your certificate even faster. You will have a chance to order expedited shipping at the time that you register for your course. When you receive your certificate, you will need to sign the top portion and forward it to the court. We recommend sending it by certified, return-receipt mail so you have proof that you have sent it. Follow the instructions of the court if you have been told to appear in person with the certificate.