If you have a traffic ticket that you want to dismiss, or if you have been mandated by the court to attend a defensive driving class, you are in luck. At Comedy Defensive Driving, we offer defensive driving in San Antonio and in many other cities throughout Texas. Thousands of Texans have dismissed their traffic tickets and lowered their auto insurance rates by as much as 10% by taking our course. You can have a great time getting out of the house for a while, enjoy a meal, if you like, and get this done in only one day. We tried to make our defensive driving classes as enjoyable as possible, so we thought of ways to do this. The best idea that we had struck us in 1989, when we began our company. Almost everyone enjoys going to a comedy club, so we modeled our TX defensive driving course after that experience. You will learn defensive driving as a professional comedian teaches your class, and chances are very good that you will remember what you learned.

Our Defensive Driving in San Antonio is State Approved

The Texas Education Agency has approved our defensive driving in San Antonio, and all courts in the state accept it for ticket dismissal. Here are some more facts about our course:

• It takes 5 hours of class time, plus 1 hour of break time
• It is s great way to meet new people
• Prices start at only $25.00, with no hidden fees
• Certificates are available with expedited shipping

Register online for the next class beginning in San Antonio, and you will receive your certificate of completion soon after your class is finished.