We know that you are probably not happy that you were issued a traffic citation for speeding or for breaking a driving rule in the State of Texas. We will put a smile on your face, before long, when you register for our comedy driving school at Comedy Defensive Driving. We have been helping students dismiss their traffic tickets since 1989, and more than 2,500,000 students across the United States have completed our classes. Our online course is available in every state, but as a resident of Texas, you can also choose to take our live class course. It is just like going to the comedy club, because you will listen to a talented professional comedian instruct you on how to be a defensive driver. Our Texas defensive driving school is available in many cities throughout Texas, such as Lubbock, Fort Worth, Carrollton, Frisco, Plano, Irving, Waxahachie, and many more. You are sure to find a class that will be meeting soon near your home. Here is some additional information for you:

• Classroom fees vary by location, but they are from $25 to $50.

• Our classes are approved by the Texas Education Agency for ticket dismissal.

• You can also lower your auto insurance up to 10%, by completing our course, and it is also state approved for lowering insurance.

• Every Court in Texas accepts our classroom course.

Attend a Comedy Driving School that Knows How to Have Fun

When you attend our comedy driving school, you will have fun the entire time. Our comedian will keep you laughing as you learn some impressive ways to improve your driving skills. You will need to bring your state issued ID, which can be your driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate. Also, bring a copy of your traffic ticket or tickets, and any paperwork that you were given by the court. It is important to be on time, because state law does not allow tardy students to enter the classroom. We recommend that you get there 15 minutes before the time that your class is scheduled to begin.

You can pay for your course, here, online at ComedyDefensiveDriving.com, or bring along $29.95 in cash or money order, if you want to pay at the time of the class. You will also want to bring along some meal money, since students are allowed to eat at certain break times. We will have a menu with the available items on it. All of the Texas defensive driving courses approved by the Texas Education Agency are required to be a minimum of 360 minutes to complete. Sixty minutes are built in as break time during the course, as well.

Be sure to bring a pencil or pen and paper along with you, because there will be a test. You may also want to take a few notes during the class, but you will remember the important parts, since learning through comedy is one of the strategies that can help you remember what you learn for a long time.