Getting a traffic ticket can be a real pain, especially if your driver’s license may be suspended if you do not complete a defensive driving course. At Comedy Defensive Driving, we have the most hilarious teachers, easiest way to do this when you register for our defensive driving online. The course is written by professional comedians who make people laugh for a living. Watching a video created by these comedians is all that you need to do. Simply sit back and watch, and you will feel almost like you are at a comedy club listening to the jokes of your favorite comedian.

Even though our course is a lot of fun, you can be sure that it is approved by every court in the State of Texas. That is because the Texas Education Agency knows that people remember things that are funny, better than they remember dull, boring classes that put them to sleep. Our Texas defensive driving courses have been taken by over 2.5 million students, and all of them passed. We know that you will pass, too, because our course is simple and easy. Just watch a video, and there is no reading, writing, or arithmetic.

Here are a few more details that you will want to know about our course:
• Only 5 hours of course time, plus 1 hour of break time
• Certificates processed the same day
• Lower auto insurance rates by up to 10%
• Works with any Internet connection
• Works on all Mac-, PC- and Linux-based computers
• Expedited shipping available

Start Your Defensive Driving Online Course Today

You can register for our defensive driving online course, today, and begin watching your funny video right away. We will supply log-in information to you, so if you need to stop to go to work or to get a snack, simply resume watching when you return. Our defensive driving in Texas online course is priced low, at only $25.00, which is a real bargain when you consider that you are dismissing your traffic ticket. You will also qualify for lower auto insurance rates of up to 10%, and this could potentially save you hundreds of dollars, over a year or two.

If you would like to receive your certificate quickly, we offer expedited shipping options. Normally, we send out your certificate on the next business day after you complete your course. It is mailed to you via regular mail, and this service is free. Expedited shipping by FedEx can be by Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, or by 2nd Day Air via FedEx. When you register for your course, you will have the option to choose the delivery method that will work best for you.

We recommend that you register to take your course as soon as possible, and that you complete it within the time frame that you have been given by the court. This is usually 30 days, so you need to allow enough time for your certificate to be sent to you. If you begin your Comedy Defensive Driving course immediately after you have been to court for your traffic citation, this is usually the best option.

Then, if something comes up and you need to wait a few days to complete your course, you will still have adequate time to finish it and get your certificate mailed to you on time. Most courts in the state require that you mail your certificate to them, and there is a time limit on when they must receive it for you to have your traffic ticket dismissed. You can easily fit our course into these requirements, but it does take a bit of scheduling on your part. We know that you will get it done, just as millions of others have.