Speeders and those who break other traffic laws in the State of Florida are often required to complete Florida Traffic School. The easiest way to meet this requirement is by taking our easy defensive driving course in Florida. You will never need to be bored when you take our hilarious online course. Here are some important facts that you will want to know:

• Florida State approved
• Reduce points on your license
• Complete BDI course in only 4 hours
• Lower your auto insurance by up to 10%

You will appreciate the fact that to finish your BDI course with us at Comedy Defensive Driving, all that you need to do is to watch a funny video. With an online course, there is no need to get dressed up to attend a class. You can watch it in your pajamas or in your underwear, if you want to. We have been helping drivers reduce the points on their driver’s licenses since 1989, and over 2.5 million drivers have successfully completed our course. You will enjoy it and laugh through the entire video. If you do not have time to watch it in one sitting of 4 hours, no problem! Simply begin again where you left off. The video will automatically take you to the spot where you need to begin.

You Will Also Get a Kick Out of Our Low, Low Course Price

We know that our FL traffic school would be worth hundreds of dollars if you think about all that you gain from it. You can save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance when you get the 10% discount from completing our course. Also, think about being able to drive to work, school, or to pick up your date, instead of taking the bus or hiring a cab wherever you go. Of course, there is always bumming a ride from your friends, but we have found that they get tired of that very quickly. You will pay only $8.00 for our Florida traffic school, plus state and processing fees, and a certificate fee with email delivery that all adds up to only $25.00. You can register online right now.