comedy defensive drivingGo on the road confidently with a defensive driving course in 2022! Turn the serious business of receiving a traffic citation into something that you can have a laugh about, with Comedy Defensive Driving and our defensive driving course that is recognized in Texas, Florida, California, and New Jersey.


If you’ve been driving in one of these states and are dealing with the buzzkill of a speeding ticket or traffic violation, then getting your speeding point reduction or even a speeding ticket dismissal isn’t just a possibility. With us, it can happen in an instant!


Point reduction certification is something that is offered all over the place online. It’s smartest to go with Comedy Defensive Driving, especially if you’re driving in the states of Texas, Florida, California, and New Jersey – as we operate in all these states. 


If you’re looking for an instant certification that will assist you with reducing your speeding points through your local courts, then we can help here, too. Our 100% online course offers fast certification and point reduction just as soon as you’ve completed the course. 


Simply download your point reduction certification and you’ll be well on your way toward getting a speeding point reduction, speeding ticket dismissal, or points on your drivers squashed for any other traffic violation, in a quick minute. 


comedy defensive drivingSubmit your completion certificate to the clerk of courts office in the county where the citation or ticket was issued. You can then rest assured that you’ve done your best to ‘squash your ticket’ and not live with nasty points on your license that can jeopardize your independence when you want to drive. 


We are state-approved in Texas, Florida, California, and New Jersey. Our formula for ‘combining funny with saving you time and money’ is catching on as we are growing fast! We take the serious business of learning how to drive defensively – and add in some much-needed humor to help you laugh while you learn. 


Just because you’re trying to get your speeding point reduction or your speeding ticket dismissal to happen fast, it doesn’t mean that it has to be a burden when it comes to learning the rules of the road and passing the test. 


With us, you can do your test online or in person. We will talk you through the ins and outs of defensive driving. And remember, since you can take the final test as many times as you like, you are guaranteed to pass!


While we may be in the business of instant certification, we ensure you don’t forget the rules of defensive driving in an instant. And while fast certification is important, you want to choose a company that will ensure your citation and driver’s license number are completely accurate so that you don’t fail to get your point reduction certification on account of a clerical error. 


With Comedy Defensive Driving we’re experienced enough to go the extra mile with you, to ensure that you attack that citation in a socially responsible, smart way. We’re available to see to it that all your paperwork is in order so that you can get back to experiencing the freedom of the open road, defensively. 

Take Your Defensive Driving Course And Laugh While You Learncomedy defensive driving

Our defensive driving course shouldn’t just be taken when you are in a pickle with the law. If you are trying to better learn the rules of the road in your state, or if you’re wanting to impart the values of defensive driving to your child who is learning to drive responsibly, then Comedy Defensive Driving will have you laughing while you learn. Further, what you learn is likely to stay with you for a long time, making you even less likely to need that point reduction in the first place!