Speeding ticket during holidays Santa Claus wasn’t the only thing hiding this festive season. If you got caught speeding over the silly season by a traffic officer, you’re not alone. More traffic on the roads than ever before means more traffic tickets.


If you’d rather be spending your hard-earned money on presents rather than paying traffic tickets, here are 3 tips for ticket dismissal in Texas, Florida, and New Jersey. 







Here are our Top 3 Tips for Getting Your Ticket Dismissed:


1) Check the Fine Print

Were all the details filled in correctly by the presiding officer? Did you see the equipment that measured your speed? Were there any eyewitnesses present that can testify to your side of events if it is in conflict with the ticketing officer? Were you ticketed fairly, in accordance with local speed limit ticketing legislation?


All of these are issues that you can raise, in the moment – and in court. It’s important to be mindful of what happens as you get ticketed, as this can work to your advantage if there is sloppy police work involved. 


2) Argue Your Case In Court

comedy defensive driving

Ignorance of the law is no exception, so you can’t simply hire a lawyer and plead that you didn’t know better. Delaying your court appearance is one way of hoping that the ticketing officer is a no-show, but preparing a good defense is probably a better, more responsible way of dealing with the speeding ticket.  


Depending on how hefty your ticket is, it’s often a good idea to call a lawyer as they have the experience to advise on your chances of pleading innocent on account of extenuating circumstances. Be sure to have all the documentation from your case, and to look presentable. Having a clean driving record helps too. 


3) Take a Defensive Driving Course

comedy defensive driving

Also known as traffic school, judges are more lenient on people who have broken the speed limit if they show that they are apologetic for their crime and are immediately willing to change their speeding habits. This simple choice is a win-win for all involved: society benefits from safer drivers on the road, and you get your speeding ticket squashed.


Comedy Defensive Driving offers this option to the good people of Florida,

Texas, and New Jersey because we know what it’s like to make a mistake – and then not want to have to live with it as points on your license for years to come.


We are state-certified and have been in the business for long enough to know that the way we go about helping people get their tickets dismissed is the best for all involved. Our online courses are a laugh-a-minute as we use humor as a vehicle to drive home the message of learning to drive defensively