Can you take a defensive driving course more than once? Looking to reduce points for traffic infractions?

comedy defensive drivingIf you’re looking for online driving school certification for point reduction that is fast, efficient, and fun, once you’ve discovered our defensive driving course, the question we get asked most often is: how many times can you take a defensive driving course online?


Once you’ve figured out how easy it is to reduce points on your driver’s license by completing our online course, the chances are, you’ll be back enthusiastically, looking for more tips!


Online driving school certification for point reduction gives you more peace of mind. Knowing that if you get pulled over by the cops and you have an unblemished license offers a great sense of confidence. This way, you get to enjoy the freedom of the road without the nagging thought that your citations might get your license suspended. 


On top of our course being fast, efficient and fun, there’s the added bonus that you get to brush up on your driving skills and learn how to drive defensively. With Comedy Defensive Driving, our defensive driving course is recognized in Texas, Florida, California, and New Jersey. It’s a great way to get point reduction certification, as well as reduce your insurance premiums.


So with all these great reasons to touch up on your road safety knowledge, the question still stands: how often can you take a defensive driving course?


Different states have different rules. In Florida, you can take a defensive online driving course once every twelve months, and no more than five times in total. To be clear: this isn’t to be confused with taking the course and then not passing the final exam the first time around. You can have as many attempts as you like to pass, and all those attempts still only count towards your first overall attempt at taking the defensive driving course. 


In New Jersey, online driving school certification for point reduction will offer you an insurance discount on your automobile for up to 10% and knock off up to two points off your driving record. You can take the course every three years to qualify for an insurance discount. If you’re looking to remove points from your driving record, you can only take a defensive driving course once every five years. 


In California, you can take a defensive driving course every 18 months. You’ll qualify to have your ticket dismissed provided your offense was not a misdemeanor, alcohol-related, didn’t happen in a commercial vehicle, and that you have a valid driver’s license.


How many times can you take defensive driving in Texas? In Texas, things get a little more complicated concerning the specifics of your ticket. Generally speaking, you can take a defensive driving course every twelve months, provided your violation wasn’t for driving above 95 MPH, passing a school bus, near to an active construction site with workers present, failing to assist after your involvement in an accident, or speeding at 25 MPH above the speed limit. Again, if you were driving a commercial vehicle you may be prohibited from acquiring online driving school certification for point reduction. 


In Texas, Florida, California, and New Jersey, Comedy Defensive Driving is keeping the roads safer and the classrooms more entertaining with our online course that is fast, efficient, and fun. And did we mention that it’s funny too?


Reduce Points With Comedy Defensive Driving

comedy defensive drivingOnce you’ve passed the first time around with flying colors, we can then help you answer the next question regarding ‘how many times can you take defensive driving?’ – and come up with an option that is perfect for the state that you are living in, your point reduction, and insurance needs. 


And with Comedy Defensive Driving, we’ll be laughing with you all along the way.