Our Florida driving school is a great option for learning how to drive defensively on the sometimes-crazy roads. You will also learn about different situations that can put you at risk for an accident, even when you don’t realize it. One of these situations is drowsy driving. There are many dangers involved with driving while you are tired.

• A decrease in the awareness of your surroundings, which means you may not notice that pedestrian in time or that car slowing down in front of you.

• A decrease in reaction time, which means when you do finally notice the pedestrian or the car, it may take you longer to react and hit the brakes.

• An impairment of your judgment, which means you may mistakenly think you have time to pass another car when you don’t.

• Problems with your vision, which can include blurred vision and watery eyes. When you are not seeing clearly, you are not driving safely.

• An increase in moodiness, which can lead to road rage and driving erratically. When you are tired, you are irritable, and other drivers can quickly annoy you, causing you to drive in ways you may not normally drive.

Here at Comedy Defensive Driving, we know all too well about the dangers of driving while you are sleepy. We don’t want you driving drowsy — we want you driving with an alert mind, clear sight, and defensive skills. Contact us today to learn more about our driving courses and how you can stay alert on the road.