When you enroll in a defensive driving school, you are going to learn all of the skills you need to stay in control on the road. However, there are some things that even the best instructors cannot control. It seems as if we are hearing more and more about children being left in hot cars, often leading to their death. Comedy Defensive Driving wants to take some time to share some tips for remembering your children in the backseat, no matter what.

• Put something else in the backseat. A cell phone or a purse in the backseat is an easy way to remember your little one. You probably don’t go anywhere without your phone or purse, so if it is in the backseat, you are going to look for it. This doesn’t mean the phone, purse, or other item is more important than your child. It just means that the habit of carrying the item will trigger your memory.

• Make it a habit to check the backseat every time you exit your car. Even if you are the only one in the car, get into the habit of opening the back door after exiting and having a quick look around. It only takes 30 days of doing something for it to become a habit — and this habit could mean the difference between life and death for a small child.

• Avoid being distracted. Distracted driving has led to parents forgetting their children in the car. Talking on the phone, eating, etc. can put your mind on auto-pilot. If you normally do not have your child in the backseat, driving on auto-pilot could lead to a forgotten child. Keep the distractions away and stay alert while driving, whether you have a child in the car or not. This will keep you safe and help keep your mind on driving and taking your child out of the backseat.

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