The Texas defensive driving course in summer is in full-swing, which means temperatures — and tempers — are rising on the roads. While you may not be a “road-rager,” other people may not have your calm demeanor. Knowing all about defensive driving in Texas — the right way — is the best way to avoid setting off another driver’s temper and potentially putting yourself in danger. There are many aspects of defensive driving that you need to learn. Comedy Defensive Driving is here to help you learn them all and stay in control of your road trips.

• One of the most important things you will learn is how to react and defend yourself against all the “road-ragers.” When someone is driving erratically, whether they are drunk, distracted, or just angry, it puts you in danger. Knowing how to react in situations, such as being cut-off or tail-gated, will help keep you safe until you are well away from the problem driver.

• Another important aspect you will learn is expecting the unexpected. You have to be sharp while you are on the road; you have to expect things to happen, such as changing weather conditions or sudden brake lights in front of you, so you know how to react. Being unprepared is the fastest way to get into an accident. We will teach you how to expect the unexpected and stay on your toes while driving.

• Distractions are a big reason why drivers get into accidents. Learning how to minimize distractions in your car is another key feature of our course. From hands-free phone calls, to leaving the snacks at home, it is essential that you always have your hands on the wheel and your mind on the road. You must be aware of your situation at all times, and distractions, such as phone calls, sandwiches, and changing radio stations, can reduce your ability to react to sudden changes.

Comedy Defensive Driving is here to help you become a strong, prepared driver on the Texas highways. Contact us today to learn more about the different things we will teach you and to sign up for your first course!