If you live in Dallas/Fort Worth maybe you’ve seen this on the news, a woman was assaulted on the freeway early this morning in Fort Worth.  Apparently, this woman was being tail-gated and tapped on her brakes to get this guy off her tail, familiar scenario? The tailgater drives around her and throws something at her car.  When she pulls over to look at the damage, the punk, coward pulls over as well.  The man-boy and his female companion both get out and beat this woman.

Wow, have we as a society really turned into this?  It’s the Wild West out on the freeways!  Have you ever been to the grocery store, pushing your cart down the aisle and all of a sudden someone else pulls their cart out in front of you?  Sure, it’s happened to all of us, yet seldom do you see people yell at someone, shoot them the bird or have an all-out food fight in the supermarket. But, for some reason when we get behind the wheel of our protective armor/automobile, we become invincible and how dare someone else to violate our world!  Retaliation is an all too common and unnecessary option.

There are several ways a situation like this could be prevented.

The left lane should be for passing only.  However, that’s NEVER an excuse for somebody to tailgate. If you are in the left lane move over to the right when you are not passing, don’t wait for someone to get right up on you.  It doesn’t matter how fast you are going in the left lane, if someone is moving up behind you, MOVE OVER!

Never retaliate against another driver!  This not only endangers your life, but it also jeopardizes the lives of other innocent people on the road with you.

If someone has threatened you, thrown something at your car or is engaging in road rage, let it go!  If it persists get on your cell and call 9-1- 1. Don’t pull over and don’t pull out your M-16 assault rifle.

If someone is following you don’t go to your house or work, nowadays even a heavily populated parking lot may not save you. Get on that phone and call the police, then drive to the nearest Defensive Driving Class, surely no one would want to follow you in there.