My occupation is a Standup Comedian.  I have a job that allows me to travel the country and I get paid to have a good time!  My 6th-grade teacher was wrong when she said: “You will not be able to joke your way through life.”  Ok, but I still teach Comedy Defensive Driving classes when I’m back home in Texas, so obliviously my career is not going as well as it should be.

The road trips across America are my favorite part of the job, besides being up on stage, Love’s Truck Stops, construction zones that put you behind schedule and sleeping in your car at a rest stop in the middle of Idaho, these are the good times my friend.

When I first started my career, I would drive to New Orleans, Houston and Austin from Fort Worth on my own dime, doing amateur nights at comedy clubs just for the love of the game.  There is something magical when you set out on the road, in the spirit of Lewis and Clark, on a journey of self-discovery.  When you get on a plane, that’s a trip, when you get into your car and set out for the road, that’s an adventure!  There are some many cool things to see in the U.S. of A. Some of my favorite road trips are:

Northern California Hwy 101 (Ave. of the Giants) Driving through the Redwoods is soup and salad for the soul.  You see pictures of these magnificent giants, but it just doesn’t do them justice.  You have to see them in front of you to experience the full effect that will take your breath away!