If you drive on the freeways in a big city, you know it’s survival of the fittest.

The bigger the SUV or 4×4 gas guzzling “get the hell out of my way” pick up truck wins!  But don’t forget the other vehicles that are higher up on the food chain, the rock hauler, our windshield’s best friend and the 18 wheeler in the left lane.  This afternoon I saw a convoy of 18 wheelers in the left lane on the freeway impeding the flow of traffic, C.W. McCall would be proud.  All these giant vehicles can be intimidating, especially if you drive a small, environmentally friendly car. You can’t be Dominator Alpha or retaliate against another driver when your horn sounds like a dolphin mating call.

On top of these common freeway driving hazards, you have to deal with all the different kinds of driver personalities.

The slow driver in the left lane, totally oblivious to other drivers that want to pass!  If they are not distracted by a cell phone or messing with the radio, these people think it’s their right to be in the left lane when they are not passing and “besides, people shouldn’t be speeding anyway!”  Two words, MOVE OVER!!!

The tailgater, every body’s favorite!  You are driving down the freeway, traffic in front of you as far as the eye can see, you are in the middle lane doing 10 over the speed limit and this person is still on your bumper!  What do you do??!!  Brake check? No, just hit your windshield wiper fluid so it goes over your car and gives them a nice little sprinkle!  OK, don’t really do that, that is offensive driving.

Or how about this scenario, traffic on the freeway is backed up because of a rubbernecker slow down for an accident on the other side.  You are running late for work and all of a sudden Mr. More Important creates his own bonus lane on the shoulder.  “Sure fella, you go right ahead, your time is more valuable than ours.”

With all these crazy drivers it’s no wonder we see so much road rage.  Sometimes you can’t help but react to other driver’s stupid actions.  But in the words of Florida Evans from “Good Times”

“You can’t change the world, but you don’t have to let the world change you.”

Take care and be safe-

Danny Keaton