The biggest myth about cars and those who drive them is that men are better drivers than women. I teach Comedy Defensive Driving classes. And, whenever a couple comes in together, I used to ask them who was the better driver. Now that I know from experience that asking a sensitive question like that just may end in divorce, I no longer ask it. I just ask which one of them drove. Or who got their ticket first. I’ve also noticed a big pivot or role reversal for parent taught drivers education. When I was a kid, our dad would take us out to practice driving. Now, it always seems to be the mother teaching their kids how to drive. I taught my daughter how to drive because my daughter’s dad had no interest whatsoever in teaching her how to drive. Oh yea…like I even KNOW who my daughter’s dad IS. No, I’m just kidding, I do know who he is. He’s that guy with the face.

Here’s just a few of those car myths busted. Some people believe that the color of your car affects your insurance rates. They believe that auto insurance premiums are higher for, say, a red car. Well, yes, if the red car is a sports car, that may be true. But, not true just because it’s red. Just because the color red may be more appealing and catches the eye, it doesn’t mean that people driving red cars get more tickets. Only if that red car is doing something illegal, such as speeding. I had been asked if I get a discount on my car insurance because my car is bright yellow (midlife crisis yellow), because yellow typically means “yield” or “caution.” But, as most of us have noticed, the color of a yield sign hasn’t been yellow since 1971. It’s red and white. Besides, the answer is no. I may not be eligible for a discount due to its color, but am subject to much ridicule about how ridiculous the color is. Even a cop that once pulled me over made a joke about it. He said “My daughter just turned 16 and she wants a car just like this, and in this same color.” I said “You know, this car is a total cop magnet.” He laughed and said “Yea, I saw you coming a mile away in that Tweety Bird yellow car.”

Rolling down your windows and shutting off the a/c to save on fuel consumption is also another one of the car myths busted. Although running your car’s a/c does cause your engine to run less efficiently and therefore causes you to burn more fuel, only shutting it off and opening your windows at a low speed will save you on fuel. On a high speed roadway, such as a freeway, just the opposite. And, if you are in traffic and barely moving, using your a/c may cause your car to overheat. The best solution if this happens is to turn on your heater to take some of the heat off of the engine to make it cool down some. Nothing’s worse than inching along in rush hour traffic, with the temperature being well over one hundred degrees, and you have your heater blowing in your sweaty face.

And, changing your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles is a thing of the past. Now, most cars can go several thousand more miles before changing the oil than they did in the past. Most manufacturers now suggest you change your oil every 7,500 to 10,000 miles or more! Yay!! Another myth busted that will save you money at the mechanic too!

Until next week…

Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist / Benevolent Thesbo

Car Myths Busted – Comedy Defensive Driving