Spring is in the air and it’s evident when you travel down our highways. Texas is famous for her Bluebonnets and other breathtaking Spring Perennials (Indian Paintbrush, Indian Blanket, Pink Evening Primrose and Mexican Hat. And this year it appears that they are going to be plentiful. Of course every native Texan has had their baby pictures taken in a field of Bluebonnets. Or, if not a field, those pictures were more likely taken along the roadside, with big rigs passing by. So maybe you weren’t just “fussy” in those pictures, but scared for your young life. Just the sound of a tractor-trailer would scare a baby right out of their diaper! And that’s not the only danger, what about the unexpected guests one may find lurking among those wildflowers. We have some mean critters down south, and of course they’re big, because everything’s bigger in Texas. Scorpions, Tarantulas, Fire Ants and Rattle Snakes also like to share family time in them there bonnets. Heck, the Poison Ivy and Cactus alone would do a number on a baby’s brand-new skin. So, I wonder how carefully parents are really inspecting the flora before plopping junior in it for a family photo. While admiring the scenery, you may want to pay extra careful attention when driving since everyone else around you is distracted too.

If you’d like to know some of the best places to take pictures of your offspring in the Texas wildflowers, you can get information at the following websites. They also identify common wildflowers.

• Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
• Texas Parks and Wildlife https://www.tpwmagazine.comhttp://www.wildflower.org/ offers a list of designated bluebonnet photo op destinations.

These are areas designated for photo taking. And they are much safer (not so much critter-wise, but definitely away from the dangerous road).

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Daun Thompson
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