According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), “Speeding limits are posted primarily to inform motorists of the speed considered reasonable by a majority of drivers on a particular roadway.” And, a safer driving environment is established when motorists drive at the same speed. If you don’t know what that means, check out last week’s blog. You see, it’s all about safety. This is why we have speeding limits. In the U.S., limits have been set to protect the public and regulate unreasonable behavior. Oddly, this is also my mother’s excuse for not having more children.


Keeping up with the flow of traffic, even if everyone is speeding, is the absolutely proven to be safest. But, as police say, the sign posts the “limit” and if you go over the limit, you could get a speeding ticket. And proving why you were going 40mph in a 20mph school zone will be close to impossible. But, come on, driving 20mph feels like you’re crawling. And, heaven forbid the guy in front of you is driving like a nervous chihuahua and not even doing 20!


Minimum speeding limits are typically posted on higher speed roadways and freeways. Not keeping up with the flow of traffic, or driving too slow definitely causes more car accidents. But, it is said that the high-impact from speeding crashes cause more traffic fatalities. And that’s why police still write so many speeding tickets. They should absolutely be writing them for driving too slow, as well.

For more information about why speed limits are set and a list of speed zone studies, check with your state’s department of transportation. If you live and drive in the great state of Texas, go to

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WHY WE HAVE SPEED LIMITS – Comedy Defensive Driving