Driver beware, there’s another driver around the corner who is so obsessed about their looks even Narcissus would say “Wow they are really in love with themselves! They should get a room…by themselves.”

They think their rearview car mirror is a vanity mirror. Every five seconds they check themselves out, while driving 75 miles per hour on the freeway. Using your mirrors is an important part of driving, but don’t forget; when changing lanes, nothing beats a quick head check. If you or someone who know has a problem with using their mirrors properly, call us at Comedy Defensive Driving School at (214) 826-6339. Our 12-week drivers rehab facility will show them how to drive safely and courteously. Shock therapy at no additional charge but there is a large fee if you want to watch.

Tune in again next week, same time, same bat channel. Until then, take care and keep those comments coming in.

Be safe-
Danny Keaton