Ahhh, to be young again, driving with the wind in your hair and not a care in the world, except who you will ask out for prom.  I remember the first time I drove by myself without my parents or that stringent driving instructor.  I felt like Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Titanic, “I’m king of the world!”  I could go anywhere I wanted even if it was just a 20 minute drive to Fort Worth.

Now I’m older and I have a lot of care in the world. When I’m driving, it’s for a purpose. Meetings, appointments, “adult have to’s”. But with age has my driving gotten better? I would hope so, I would think so. When I was in my early 20’s, I was a road rage time bomb.  Anything would set me off and out came the finger!  Now, sure I get mad from time to time because of those crazy drivers.  The only difference is now I don’t react negatively.  I learned to let it go and relax, life is too short.

So here is a question, who do you think is the best and worst driver, the young or the old? How old you ask? OK, I hope I don’t tick off any of my 4 readers, but… let’s say over 70. I know there are many things to compare. The young driver is probably more distracted listening to the Jonas Brothers, other friends in the car, and text messaging their boo (If you don’t know what “boo” means ask a teenager). On the other hand, you have the senior citizen who has been driving since the Great Depression, maybe a little too timid behind the wheel. So who is the best and worst driver??

OK, are you ready for the answer? This is NO ANSWER, BOTH DRIVERS ARE EQUALLY AS BAD and equally as good. Did that sound politically correct? I should run for public office.

Join me again next week and keep your comments coming in, I really appreciate them.


Until then, take care and be safe-

Danny Keaton