OK, this one’s for my counter culture, artists, renegades and rouges.  It’s in our basic nature to defy authority and signs that warns us of danger.  You know the Scorpion and the Frog?  “… It’s our character!”  We will never change.  Everything from cigarette warning labels to speed limit signs, we give the one finger salute!  Why is that?  I smoke… (cigarettes) I know the dangers, yet I still light a stogie and toss down a few brews at the local neighborhood bars in Dallas.  The cigarette warning label didn’t even faze me.  And as for the beer bottle warning, well..I’m not pregnant and I’m not gonna be a man whore anymore.  When I see a stop sign and there is no one around, do I come to a complete stop, well…maybe.  Now some would say “Yes, I obey all signs and rules.”   These people I call bible beaters, hypocrites and politicians.   I’m not afraid to piss anybody off!  Besides those people don’t read me anyway, only you the cool people read me.  OK, enough kissing ass.

What I am trying to say is, certain signs are good…(Oh shit, I’m selling out so I can get paid!)  I mean if we didn’t have signs that direct traffic and regulate the speed of our vehicles, it wouldn’t be a Wonderful World, sorry Louie!  I think the next time I see a warning sign, I will heed that warning…(Oh no, the man’s got me!)  Next time I see a stop sign, I will stop behind the stop line until the car has come to a complete stop…( Oh man, I’m turning to the dark side of conformity!)  Just kidding, there is nothing wrong with following the rules of the road.  You can still stick to the man in other ways, like…Oh hell, I don’t know, watch Fight Club.  I’m sure you could be inspired to come up of some of your own. 

As far as the Scorpion and the Frog story, watch the movie Skin Deep (John Ritter, 1989) for the explanation on that one.  Besides, the man doesn’t pay me to waste words on that gem of a story.  And if you are reading this blog 3 weeks after the post date, than means my boss must be a rebel too.

Join me again next Monday, thanks for all the comments and e-mails!


Take care and be safe!-

Danny Keaton