Deferred Disposition in Texas is a method that is only used with a Class C offense which is a misdemeanor or a fine-only offense.

Should I choose Deferred Disposition for a speeding ticket?

Yes and No.  Deferred disposition or adjudication for a speeding ticket in Texas can be the most expensive option for ticket dismissal, so if you don’t mind opening your wallet really wide, then this may be an option for you. However, if the speeding ticket you received is in an area that you frequently drive then deferred disposition may be a bad idea.  This option places you on a probationary period, usually 6 months, where you will need to make sure you do not get another ticket during that time period.  Should you happen to get another ticket, be prepared to pay the court fines and watch your insurance premium go up when you renew.  Your insurance company will see the violations on your driving record.

When would I choose Deferred?  Well, if I were traveling out of town somewhere that I would never be driving again then I may take the option for deferred if the court offers it and it is not ridiculously expensive.

What is the worst option for dismissing a speeding ticket?

Well, you will only have 3 options, defensive driving vs. deferred disposition or adjudication vs. paying the ticket, and the worst option is just paying the court the fine for your traffic ticket. Why is this so bad?  Well in the state of Texas, all traffic violations are reported and maintained in a database that is used by insurance companies to base your premium policy rates on.  If an insurance company sees that you have speeding tickets they will assume you are a higher risk and charge you a higher premium.

According to NerdWallet who compared rates across the country, a 35 year old driver that gets ticketed for 16 mph over the speed limit should expect a premium increase of about 25%.  A typical driver convicted of speeding, pays an average of $2,043 a year for full coverage, which is $413 more than a driver with a clean record.  If you just look at the state of Texas instead of the country the rate of premium increase appears to be closer to 10% according to Nerd Wallet.


Is defensive driving the best option for dismissing a speeding ticket?

I know you don’t want to hear this but when compared to deferred disposition for a speeding ticket, taking defensive driving is still the best option when it comes down to cost. It is the cheapest option to pay the court and the only option to keep a speeding ticket off your driving record so your insurance premium isn’t effected.

Taking a defensive driving course in Texas is relatively easy.   Just spend some time watching fun videos, get your certificate, send it to the court and you are done!!!  Get started today with Comedy Defensive Driving.



*You may also hear the term Deferred Adjudication which is used in Class B and Class C charges as a probation that results in a dismissal if completed properly.  For traffic tickets both result in dismissals of the charges if completed properly.