Did you receive a traffic ticket while driving for Uber or Lyft?

We got you. We explain what happens if an Uber or Lyft driver gets a traffic ticket and what they can do to dismiss it for the least amount of money!

What is an occupational hazard?

An ‘occupational hazard’ can be defined as an ‘occupational risk accepted as a consequence of a particular occupation’. Driving around town and getting to meet new people as a rideshare driver might be considered one of the ‘perks of the job’ but, getting a traffic ticket while driving for Uber or Lyft could be considered an occupational hazard.

No one enjoys getting a traffic ticket. In short, it can be a real buzzkill, especially when you have so many other bills to pay already. What’s even worse is when your livelihood depends on that job. Being a rideshare driver means walking a tightrope where if you fall off in any way at all – speeding too much (20mph over the speed limit) or excessive traffic violations – it’s on you. Now that’s a scary occupational hazard.

Getting a ticket while driving for Uber and Lyft

If you receive an Uber or Lyft traffic or speeding ticket, the responsibility is on you. How you choose to dismiss or pay for the ticket, is also, on you. But, did you know that Uber or Lyft tickets do not have to be paid for in full? Comedy Defensive Driving is here to help as one of the most practical ways to get your traffic ticket expunged. This removes it from your driving record and lowers the cost of your ticket. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t, let us explain. comedy defensive driving

Traffic departments want better drivers driving more defensively. Duh! Therefore, they incentivize traffic offenders to take part in a comprehensive defensive driving course. By taking a course like comedy defensive driving, you squash points off of your driving record. Think of this as ‘traffic school rehabilitation’. When you pass your defensive driving course, you get your Uber or Lyft traffic ticket removed. Voila! Now you’ve saved money and your driving record.

Companies like Uber and Lyft are notoriously strict with regard to requiring drivers to have a squeaky-clean track record. This is because the power of these technology-driven ridesharing companies is that they lay the responsibility of driving at the feet of the driver behind the wheel. Meaning, they want the safest drivers possible! The cleaner your record, the more likely you are to be hired.

Don’t have a traffic ticket on your driving record but still want to save money AND look good to these companies? Taking an Uber or Lyft defensive driving course doesn’t just dismiss a ticket. It also looks great on a resume! On top of that, you can lower your insurance cost! 2 for 1! Reach out to your insurance provider and let them know that you have completed a defensive driving course. According to insurance.com, drivers will save on average, anywhere from 5%-10% off!

Why choose Comedy Defensive Driving to Dismiss your ticket?

It’s not all doom and gloom when having to take an online course. Comedy Defensive Driving understands that earning a living is a serious business, SOOOO we like to lighten it up a little. We do this by teaching you how to drive defensively while infusing a few laughs along the way. Taught by professional comedians, our 100% online course Comedy Defensive Driving will have you laughing while you learn. Giving you something to smile about when you take on your next rideshare customer. Don’t wait! Sign up today to get a head start. You can start and stop as you please. Complete the Uber or Lyft defensive driving course on your own time. Save money and have some laughs, we make it easy.