Defensive driving skills are a must when traveling the busy roads of Texas. They are even more important to have when you are navigating busy roads during rainy weather. Driving in rainy conditions are different than driving with a clear sky. Here are some tips from your friends at Comedy Defensive Driving to help you stay safe on the road when the rain starts falling.

• Make sure your car is weather-ready. This means replacing your wiper blades if they are worn, and making sure your tires are properly inflated and have good tread. You also want to make certain that all of your lights are working, including turn signals and brake lights.

• Leave plenty of room between you and the cars around you. You may have more difficulty coming to a quick stop under wet conditions, so leave lots of space between you and surrounding cars. If the car in front of you suddenly hits the brakes, you have a much better chance of stopping with lots of room.

• Don’t use the cruise. Setting the cruise makes it much easier to drive on the open road, but when it’s wet outside, cruise control can be dangerous. If your car begins to lose traction on the wet surface, the cruise may cause an increase in acceleration, which can lead to hydroplaning. Use your own foot power for accelerating when it’s raining.

• Speaking of hydroplaning, you can avoid this by being cautious. Don’t hit your brakes hard when driving on a wet surface, and take corners with care.
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