Are you ready, 2011 is almost here!!  It’s also that time of year when we start making promises.  I’m not talking about the promises that we make to a lover, to a God or to a porcelain God that we will never drink Tequila again, I’m talking about the promises we make to ourselves.  The promises of getting into shape, work harder on certain goals or not taking so many office supplies from work.

All these New Year’s promises make me think of one of my favorite quotes from a great American philosopher, Snoop Dogg, “You know it’s easy to talk about doing something but when it comes down to the action part…well most muther’ f#(%@^$ take a light vacation.”< Sometimes we make promises only to go back on that promise after we have deceived ourselves, like a parent to a child or a government to its people.   We lie to ourselves by justifying our lack of perseverance and making more promises for tomorrow only to let ourselves down, again.  Well God knows I’ve let a lot of people down in my chapters of life, employers, several ex-girlfriends/one ex- wife and my parents.  By the way Mom and Dad, I’m still NOT SORRY about dropping out of college after 7 weeks and going to Columbia School of Broadcasting instead! (Not affiliated with CBS.)  But the one person in this world you should NEVER let down is YOURSELF! So keep ALL your New Year’s resolutions sacred and how about making a few that could save a life, including yours and your loved ones? “In 2011, I will not get road rage.”  (Or at least make a good effort!) “In 2011, I will not drink and drive.” “In 2011, I will not text and drive.” “In 2011, I will not watch so many reality TV shows and create my own reality instead.” “In 2011, I will not take any more staplers or pens from the person sitting in the next cubicle.” I would like to thank EVERYONE who has read my blog in 2010.  All your positive and constructive criticism feedback has made me try more for 2011.  In 2011 I will be opening yet another new chapter in my life.  I will be traveling more for my stand up comedy career and writing to YOU on the road with new and better things for the blog, "I promise." I hope you have a safe, happy, prosperous and healthy new year for YOU and the ones you care about.  Join me again next week and until then… Take care and be safe- Danny Keaton