The New Year is here and I hope you had a great holiday with the ones you love or “love” on.That reminds me of the human touch factor that is important to everyone and the soul.I’m not talking about the same kind of human “touch” by your Uncle “coach” Cletus or a Chinese massage therapist, I’m talking about the touch from being around other people.Just like when you have to take a defensive driving class for a ticket or reduced insurance rates.Going to a live defensive driving school taught with a real-life stand up comedian as opposed to an on-line course is the way to go.

Back in 1989, Comedy Defensive Driving School set out to merge stand up comedy and driving safety all under one spotlight.The concept was already being done in California but we are the original “Comedy Defensive Driving” in Texas.The goal of CDDS is to save lives on our roads but we also go a step further and help CHANGE people’s lives!And with that mantra, the owners of our company thought it would be a cool idea to get the best comedians who tell a whole variety of jokes on stage to teach people how to be safer drivers.

Our instructors give that extra flare and fun that you just won’t get with an on-line class.Only a stand-up comedian from the school of hard knocks on these hell-gig one nighters in places like Gun Barrel City, Texas can make six hours fly by with laughter and learning something new at the same time.Going to a classroom for defensive driving and meeting other speed demons like you is the best way to take care of your traffic ticket, besides the way most of you procrastinate you would never get through 6 hours on the computer anyway!

If you attend a CDDS class you will be entertained with our human touch factor!

Join me again next week and until then…

Take care and be safe-

Danny Keaton