Ever ride in the car with someone and they’re all over the road trying to send or read a text message? Speak up! If a texting driver is making you nervous but you’re not quite sure how to bring the topic up, try these suggestions:
If you really don’t feel comfortable telling a driver to quit texting, perhaps he’s your boss or even a parent, offer to type the message for them or read the message for them “…I mean, since you’re driving?” Or, since some states have laws banning texting and some have city ordinances regarding texting or scrolling for a phone number while driving, you could always say that you’ve seen a lot of police lately, and it’s probably not a good idea to be texting right now. And, that you really don’t have the money to loan them for the citation. Or, you may want to point out things that they missed seeing because they weren’t paying attention to the road. Like a dead squirrel or Big Foot.

If it’s a friend or someone close who you can use a direct approach with, just tell them outright that you get really uncomfortable when people text and drive. Perhaps they will respect your friendship enough to stop. At least while you’re in the car. If you know the person the driver is texting, ask the driver to hand over the phone so you can say hello. Then send a message that says “We’re driving now and we’ll call you later when we stop.”

Point out other bad drivers out there. You’re sure to see at least one. Like someone sitting at a green light…”What is he waiting for another shade of green? He’s probably texting.” And, the sad thing is, he probably really is texting.

Funny, they compare texting while driving to drinking and driving and studies show that one is as dangerous as the other. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk and usually take the keys away from a drunk friend. Maybe you should take the keys away from your texting friend too then. If you start a discussion with other friends, in a group setting, maybe everyone will reconsider doing it themselves. Especially if they know how their close friends feel about it. After a dinner party, tell everyone how much you care about your friendship and what a bummer it would be if any of them died in a fiery crash because they just couldn’t wait to send a text message. What a hassle…it sure is hard to make all new friends.

Now imagine if you are caught texting while driving a bus!

Until next week…remember, friends don’t let friends drive drunk, so why should friends let friends text and drive? Tell them how you feel. Be the voice of logic and reason.

Daun Thompson