It’s been a long time coming, prohibiting texting in Texas while driving a vehicle. Texas is one of the only states in the nation that has no state law regarding cell phone use when driving. Most states ban cell phone use, altogether, while driving. Of course, Texas does have a state law prohibiting cell phone use in active school zones where children are present. That, too, in the past, was only city ordinances. And now, for several years, has been a state law.

There is just one month left in the 84th Texas legislative session. For the third time, the texting and driving ban is in front of the Texas legislature. The house has already passed its bill and now it has been sent over to the senate state affairs committee. This new bill differs from the first one introduced. Initially, the bill said you cannot write, read or send a text message, even if you were stopped. The new version says that you can text wherever as long as you are stopped.

Well, at least it’s a start. At least we’re going to begin to evolve. Just looking at the number of senseless accidents and deaths due to cell phone use in Texas alone is staggering. So, still being able to text while sitting at a red light will only likely cause more road rage. As it is, the person behind you is already so impatient that they don’t even give you time to take your foot off the brake and put it on the gas pedal when the light turns green. They’re already honking at you, “What are you waiting for, lady, another shade of GREEN?” I hear in New York City, they honk at you when the cross-traffic light turns yellow. At least we’re not that impatient.

But, no one wants to miss their opportunity to get through the green light in an intersection when they are already running late for work. Now, with construction zones and lane closures, ramp closures, etc. So this will surely cause even more road rage than ever before. Austin and San Antonio, Texas, have both passed city ordinances banning cell phone use while driving, altogether. These cities are entirely hands free. And Austin’s city ordinance also includes bicyclists. So now the question is, “Who the heck is texting while riding a bike?” Now, that’s coordination! Maybe Lance Armstrong can do that. He’s about the only bicyclist that could keep up with the flow of traffic, anyway.

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Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist

Texting in Texas – Comedy Defensive Driving