Texas Driving Record

About Driving Records

You must first be approved for defensive driving by the court that issued you the traffic citation. The court will notify you if you need to obtain a certified copy of your Texas state certified driving record, however, some Texas courts will charge you extra and get the driving record for you. Make sure you know what your court requirements are. The court should have either given you some paperwork or told you about obtaining your Texas driving record for defensive driving. If you are unsure whether you need to get one or not, contact the court directly and ask.

How do I Get My Texas Driving Record?

Get your Type 3A Texas Certified Driving Record directly through us for a cost of $19.95. Order your Driving Record during registration, and once you finish the course your driving record will be available for download. If you have chosen expedited shipping we will place a copy of the driving record in the FedX envelope with your certificate. If you have chosen e-file the Texas state driving record and certificate will be transmitted to the court.

Why do I need my Driving Record?

The court wants to see how many traffic violations you have previously dismissed. If you have taken defensive driving and dismissed a ticket within the previous year most likely you can take it again to dismiss another ticket. They will let you know the policy of the judge and whether or not you are eligible to take defensive driving again.

What do I do with my driving record after I receive it?

The court has given you a deadline to turn in all paperwork. Know your deadline and turn in the following items:

  1. Defensive Driving Completion Certificate (required)
  2. Texas Driving Record (if required)
  3. Any additional affidavits (if required)

For any questions, contact the court which issued you the traffic citation. So what are you waiting for? Order your Texas state certified driving record, and while you are waiting take our online defensive driving course or defensive driving classroom course.