I learn an abundance of information from my defensive driving students. This week, everyone has been talking about Ten on Tuesday, a new tradition in North Texas. We all spend more time commuting than we would like. And we all see our fair share of trash on or near our roadways. After all, motorists generate 52% of litter along roadways and highways (according to the 2009 Texas Department of Transportation Litter Attitudes and Behavior Survey). Wouldn’t it be a much more pleasant commute if we didn’t have to see all of this trash? This program encourages businesses, schools, community groups and individuals to reverse litter by picking up 10 pieces of trash and recyclable materials each Tuesday. It’s a brilliant idea and the results in just one year, if only 5,000 people participate and chunk 10 pieces of litter a week into the trash or recycling bin, the Metroplex will reduce litter by 2.6 million pieces!

If you are ready to get involved, you can make a pledge at reverselitter.org. There, you can find more information about how you can get started and encourage friends and family to participate as well. As of today, there are 7.952 pledges and counting.

So get involved and take the pledge. Do your part to keep our highways and roads beautiful. And look for the Chunk Litter Here trash bins in your area. Together, we can keep our part of this country a beautiful place to live.

Until next week…

Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist

Ten on Tuesday – Comedy Defensive Driving