Defensive Driving and Traffic School for traffic Tickets and Insurance Reduction Comedy Defensive Driving School is the only video course for defensive driving and traffic school in the states of Texas and Florida. Our classes are approved by TEA and DMV and it helps to reduce auto insurance premiums as well as points on your license.

Texas is a state that allows drivers who have received a traffic ticket to dismiss their ticket after they complete a defensive driving course. Our defensive driving online course is designed to be the most hilarious and entertaining way that you can do this. There are no books to read, no driver’s manuals with long rules to memorize, and nothing to write. You simply watch a video that was created by top comedians who know how to make people laugh. In other words, you learn defensive driving through humor, and lots of it. Here are some additional facts about our online Texas defensive driving course:

• You can dismiss your traffic ticket as you enjoy our course
• Lower your auto insurance rate by as much as 10%
• Our defensive driving in Texas takes only 5 hours to complete, plus one hour of break time
• Comedy Defensive Driving is approved by all courts in Texas

Since our course is all video for easy viewing, you can stop it any time that you want to. You only need to start watching again where you left off. There is no reading, writing, or arithmetic, only sitting back, watching our video, and having a great time. You do not need to take off of work or school to attend a class, and you are in control of when you complete the video. We offer it for only $25.00: the lowest price allowed by law. This price includes regular shipping by the US Postal Service. We also offer expedited shipping options by FedEx if you want to receive your certificate faster.

Before you register for our course, be sure to look at the papers that you were given when you appeared in court. You were probably given papers that told you that you qualified to take a defensive driving course. If not, check with the court to see if you are eligible to do this. If you have not had a ticket dismissed for a year by taking our online course, you can probably take it again to dismiss another ticket. The court will need a copy of your driving record, if they do not already have it. If you need to order it yourself, we recommend that you do this online by going to the website of the State of Texas. Then, follow the links to “Driving Record.” Make sure that you order the certified copy that is required by most of the courts in Texas.


Taking Our Defensive Driving Online Course Is Simple and Fast

Before you know it, your defensive driving online course will be finished. Within a few days, you will receive your certificate from us. This certificate is your proof that you have finished the course. You will need to submit the certificate to the court that handled your traffic citation. Some courts also require that you submit your driver’s record and other documents to them. The court will erase your traffic ticket once they receive the certificate that you send to them.

More than 2,500,000 students across the United States have taken our Comedy Defensive Driving course since 1989. We know that you will enjoy our course, just like millions of others have done.