In Texas, you have two basic options for attending traffic school when ordered by the court. You could take a defensive driving course online or in a traditional classroom setting. There are differences which you should consider to help you decide on the best one. These variations between instructional methods are directly related to how people learn and retain new information. Learn the differences between taking a defensive driving course online vs. in a classroom below.

Things to Know About Classroom-Based Driving Courses

Classroom-based defensive driving courses are conducted by a state certified instructor. When you walk into the classroom, you could get stuck with a very serious instructor, who also lectures in a monotone voice. Since you have to pay attention, it can be very difficult. You may start to tune the instructor out, miss essential course information — or worse: fall asleep, and end up failing your test.

If you are looking for a better in-classroom experience, then you should try out our defensive driving course, here at Comedy Defensive Driving. All of our classroom-based instruction is conducted by comedians who are also state certified instructors. Their goal is to ensure you learn the required materials, but do it in a fun and humorous manner. Taking this approach to learning helps students remember key points much better, as well as makes them feel relaxed during the training. Classroom-based learning is ideal for those who want to ask questions and share information, and who like being able to interact with other people.

Benefits of Taking Online Driving Courses

The other option is taking our defensive driving course online. Our online courses also use comedians who are state certified instructors. If you prefer learning at your own pace, have short periods of time throughout the day to work on lessons, or are constantly on the go, then an online learning environment is better suited to you. Taking the course online allows you to connect to the class from just about anywhere you have a high speed Internet connection. You are free to stop, start, and back up an individual lesson within the course until it is completed.