Before I started driving, the first hazard on the road that I experienced was when my drunk dad skid on a patch of black ice and wrecked our mini bike. I think that would be a great t.v. show “My Drunk Dad.” I’d watch it, for one. Heck, I’d even d.v.r. it. And I know all of my friends would watch it too. Seems like most people could relate to a t.v. show or even a reality show about the antics of a drunken provider. Perhaps that show with William H. Macy would have been better entitled My Drunk Dad, rather than Shameless. But back to the mini bike. Perhaps the 7+ inches of snow contributed to its demise. The same day he assembled it, he took it apart…in a snow embankment. Well, at least he survived, but not the mini bike. Road conditions and weather conditions both led to this particular hazard on the road. But other issues such as trucks hauling hazardous liquids or materials could be an accident waiting to happen.

Steering clear of them, rather than riding close by would be your best bet. Even a landscape service truck with all of their equipment loaded in the back could wind up being a hazard on the road. You never know if that equipment is secured in the back. So, following directly behind one of those trucks could lead to your demise. One of those leaf blowers could fall out. And what if the leaf blower guy is still attached to it? After having one of those guys with the leaf blower wake you up at 6:00 a.m., it would be a tough decision whether you should swerve or not, wouldn’t it? I was thinking about purchasing a bb gun at Wal-Mart for the next time one of those guys wakes me up. Even someone hauling furniture in the back of their truck, like a sofa or mattress could be a hazard on the road. And other hazards on the road that you maybe wouldn’t even have thought about…such as a diaper delivery service truck (eww!)…or santa’s toys falling out of his sleigh…or even reindeer poo (ewww!).

So, look out for falling objects, slick roads and tiny reindeer droppings.

Daun Thompson

Comedienne / Artist / Writer

Hazards On The Road – Comedy Defensive Driving