I have always been curious about why rolling through a stop sign is called rolling stop, or a California roll (my favorite sushi, btw). I’ve even heard someone call it a Hollywood stop. Now, I have resided in California. And, as I recall, everyone stopped. Or, perhaps I was too busy rolling through a stop sign to even notice.

So here’s the answer. Apparently, one of the most common traffic tickets issued to California drivers is for the rolling stop. When drivers approach a stop sign, they are supposed to come to a complete stop. Not fully stopping can pose a danger to other drivers as well as to pedestrians. That’s why police are cracking down on those of us rollers. After all, if there are no other cars in an intersection, there is no one to completely stop for, right? So, it’s safe. You actually yielded. But your car didn’t “settle” behind the crosswalk line before you left the stop sign or turned right at a red light. So, more police officers are stopping cars that roll through stop signs and red lights without completely stopping. These tickets are costly and can jack up your insurance rates by adding points to your driving record. To remove these points, you can attend a defensive driving school. And the traffic fine should also be reduced if you attend a class. If you have camera lights in your neck of the woods, a majority of those are a result of a rolling stop at an intersection. But those are a civil offense, like a parking ticket and will not go on your driving record. Those affect your registration (license plate), not your driver license.

As a driver, you need to know that speeding is not the only common moving violation now. Coasting through a stop sign or red light instead of making a full stop could result in an accident which is why rolling stop violations are taken very seriously.

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Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist

Rolling Stop – Comedy Defensive Driving School