What is the H.O.V. lane in Texas? Learn the meaning of the H.O.V. lane and H.O.V. lane rules in Texas with Comedy Defensive Driving! The H.O.V. lane in Texas is for “High Occupancy Vehicles” and that means two or more passengers or one if you ride a motorcycle. The driver, of course, counts as the first passenger, and the second passenger can be a child in a booster seat or car seat. Which, in my opinion, is the safest lane to be in, when cars are weaving in and out of traffic. So, if you don’t have a child, you may want to ask for one for Christmas this year so you can enjoy the convenience of riding in the H.O.V. lane in Texas. In California, a pregnant woman in her second trimester can ride in the H.O.V. lane. Again, also safer for the rest of us, since pregnant women are so darned emotional and are usually the ones weaving in and out of traffic.

Using the H.O.V. lanes in Texas as a single occupant is not really putting anyone’s life in danger. It’s all about fuel consumption, emissions, and carpooling. But crossing over the double solid line on a non-controlled H.O.V. or slipping in between the p.v.c. posts on a semi-controlled H.O.V. lane to enter or exit, instead of where you are supposed to enter or exit is very dangerous and both offenses offer a double-whammy of a traffic violation. And, doing a “Texas Exit” through the ditch to exit the freeway is also a hefty fine.

With the mad traffic in Dallas and the lengthy commuting I do, I would gladly pick up a murderous hitchhiker to be able to ride in the H.O.V. lane.

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Riding in the H.O.V. Lane – Comedy Defensive Driving