The State of Florida will allow those who have been mandated by the DMV or by the court to attend FL traffic school by completing an online course. You can register in a matter of minutes for our Comedy Defensive Driving course in Florida at Then, begin our hilarious video that is taught by top comedic talent. It really is true that you can laugh as you dismiss your traffic ticket. Florida traffic school does not need to be dull and boring, and you can be in control of when you take our course. This is because you simply watch a video on your computer. This can be done anywhere that has web-access, and you only need a few computer basics like speakers and earphones, a mouse and keyboard, DSL or broadband, Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or greater, and, of course, an operating system like Mac, Windows, or Linux and Internet browser. Here are some additional facts about our course:

• Satisfies Court/DMV ordered classes
• Reduces points on your license
• Lower your auto insurance rate by up to 10%
• Our course takes just 4 hours
• Florida state approved
• Costs only $25.00 — the lowest price allowable by law

As you can see, this is the easy way to dismiss your traffic ticket or to satisfy your obligation to attend FL traffic school. We charge only $25.00, and this includes everything. There are no hidden charges. Course price is included for ticket dismissal or point avoidance, as well as a required state and processing fee. Our price also includes email delivery of your certificate and everything else needed to complete our course. Your certificate proving that you completed our course will be electronically submitted to the DMV for you.

Our Defensive Driving Course in Florida Is Fun to Take

People who have taken our defensive driving course in Florida tell us that it was hilarious and fun to take. You can stop the video if you need to go to work or if you need a break, and just resume watching where you left off. There is no need to take off work so that you can go to Florida traffic school. You can take our online version any time that is convenient for you.

Our students also say that they could not believe how funny our course was, and that they laughed throughout the video. Our comedians know how to make people laugh, and we have designed our course to be the painless way to reduce the points on your license in Florida. There is no sitting in a classroom, listening to a boring instructor lecture you on safe driving.

You will not need to read boring driving manuals, or write essays on why safe driving is important. We know that you remember what you learn best when learning is fun, so we have designed our Florida traffic school to be enjoyable. You can register for it, right now online, and begin your online course immediately. We have been helping students dismiss their traffic tickets, and reduce points on their driver’s licenses since 1989. More than 2,500,000 students across the US have completed our course. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so there’s no need to wait any longer to register.